Combat your projects and take massive action every month.

When you have more TIME (rather than money) to invest, your business can’t really afford for you to stop moving completely and for you lose all your momentum, especially when you are working towards earning your Business O.W.L. (6-figures).

Now, you don’t need to HUSTLE 24/7! (I NEVER advocate that. That’s the fastest way to burn out… and just… YUCK!!!) However, it is important to keep focused on your goals and to take consistent action.

This is where The Dueling Club can help…

The Dueling Club was designed for Business Wizards of all levels to help them find clarity, get daily accountability, and take action while having FUN!

Your Dueling Club membership includes:


  • A private Facebook group where you can get daily accountability prompts and support from Business Wizard & Coach, Jen Levitz, throughout the month (plus you can network with the other participants).
  • Every other Wednesday, we meet for 2.5 hours in Study Hall.  These sessions allow everyone to lean into the collective energy of the group to get stuff done during our three 45-minute focus blocks.  (Seriously, this time is magical! And you won’t believe how much you get done.)
  • The third Thursday of the month is reserved for our open office coaching hour. Bring your questions for detailed answers to your pressing challenges.
  • Various printables to support your action, including Daily, Weekly, and Monthly trackers and a list of over 200 marketing tasks, so you don’t have to come up with your own marketing ideas

Are you ready to join the Dueling Club?

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Jen Levitz is the Headmistress and founder of Jen brings best practices from her experience working with top 6 & 7-figure information marketers and coaches to help mission-driven, service-based entrepreneurs to build a solid business structure that is sustainable and scalable, so they can serve more clients, make more money, work less hours, and have more fun.

For over 15 years Jen has been connected within the coaching industry both as a coach as well as working behind the scenes with high-level coaches in the online marketing space. Jen had a deep passion to extend what she has learned and make that available to more heart-centered entrepreneurs, because she believes that marketing doesn’t need to be HARD or complicated. It just takes the right mix of profit potions and income incantations to make everything in your business click.

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